I sanded this wolf until my fingers bled - that's not hyperbole

My friend Ian is on a mission to become a Renaissance Man. From what I uderstand, a Renaissance Man is equally at home tearing apart an engine as he is at creming creme brulee. The Renaissance Man is skilled and knowledgeable in everything, yet is more interested in what you have to offer and who you are. Everyone wants the Renaissance Man at their partay or at their side when the zombie apocalypse happens. I like this Renaissance Man project and am co-opting it for my own. My first step to becoming a Renaissance Woman was to take up scroll sawing. I wrote about my first project here.

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    Steven Liss December 12, 2012

    You may wish to check out a wonderful Japanese film of a group of researchers based at a remote scientific station in the Antarctic. Their sanity held together through the love and rituals associated with food and the creative efforts of a chef assigned to the station to keep everyone sane throughout their time there – a comedy. Keep your perspective and sense of humour and enjoy the natural beauty of part of the world, and the people who call it home, most of us will not have a chance to experience.

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